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Das schwedische Metal-Quintett AWAKE THE DREAMER veröffentlicht die Akustikversion von ‘Believe‘, der ursprünglich von ihrem Debütalbum »Damaged Souls« stammt, welches in eine Neuinterpretation von insgesamt fünf Songs verwandelt wird und am 10. September über Arising Empire veröffentlicht wird.

 “It feels great to finally release some new content to you all! Believe may be familiar to you, but now you can listen to this reimagined version in a completely different context. We hope you enjoy it!”, so die Band.
“Back in 2018 we released Believe which was the first song we released that I played a major part in writing. It became extra special with my Grandfathers voice being featured on the track, immortalising his essence forever.” sagt Benjamin Turesson (Bass/Vocals).
Checkt den Original-Track ‘Believe‘ hier
“On April 6th 2020 at around 6 pm my mum called me with the news that my grandpa had just passed away from Covid-19. I was absolutely devastated and the first thing I did was to rewrite Believe so that it could be a commemoration to Grandpa and the amazing man he was. I hope you can enjoy this new version of Believe as a tribute to one of the best people I have ever known as well as a song unlike anything else we have ever released.“ fährt Benjamin fort.
“To anyone else who has lost someone to Covid-19 our hearts go out to you and this song is dedicated to you and your loss as well.“ schließt Benjamin ab.
May your voice live on forever in this song.
Rest in peace Robert Weston

Max Andrén | Gesang
Benjamin Turesson | Bass / Gesang
Alexander Backman | Gitarre
Oscar Järn | Gitarre
Fabian Fagerberg | Schlagzeug
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