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Aufgrund des aktuellen Zustands der Pandemie musste OUR MIRAGE die »Arising Tour« 2021 in den Oktober ’21 und Januar ’22 verschieben. Hier die neuen Dates der Shows:
»Arising Tour« 2021
01.10.2021 – Berlin | Cassiopeia
02.10.2021 – Hamburg | Logo
06.10.2021 – Nürnberg | Z-Bau
07.10.2021 – Wiesbaden | Schlachthof
08.10.2021 – Bremen | Tower
09.10.2021 – Bochum | Rotunde
15.10.2021 – Hannover | Lux
16.10.2021 – Köln | Helios37
14.01.2022 – Stuttgart | JUHA WEST
15.01.2022 – Leipzig | Naumanns
21.01.2022 – Düsseldorf | Tube
22.01.2022 – Münster | Sputnikhalle
28.01.2022 – München | Backstage
29.01.2022 – Trier | Mergener Hof
Die heißen Post-Hardcore Virtuosen OUR MIRAGE aus Marl veröffentlichten gerade ihre neue Single ‘Remedy‘!
“In one of the hardest years ever we were struggling with remaining our confidence and belief. Not only do we miss being on tour and playing shows, we miss YOU guys! Music connects us with people from all over the world, you guys help US through our toughest days just by letting us know that we are able to create change. We are more grateful than ever to every single one of you supporting us throughout this (hopefully) not foreverlasting off-phase. How can the whole world be so wrong? There is a REMEDY for all of us, it‘s called unity! We are one, we are OUR MIRAGE.” – OUR MIRAGE

Watch ‘Remedy‘ here:
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“they say there is no remedy
and no cure for me
but I am searching all along
how can the whole world be so wrong?”

Bestellt euch das Debütalbum »Lifeline« hier:
‘Falling’ feat. Telle Smith
‘After All’ jetzt hier an:
‘Different Eyes’
‘The Unknown’

Timo Bonner | Gesang
Steffen Hirz | Gitarre
Manuel Möbs | Bass
Daniel Maus | Schlagzeug

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